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Yvonne, princesa de Borgoña

Joan Gómez
Eironea Produccions i Cia TeatreBrik
Show completed
Date and time
Friday, 02 October, 21:00
Saturday, 03 October, 21:00
Sunday, 04 October, 19:00
New performances
Saturday, 03 October, 18:00


Duration1h 30 min
Show in Catalan

A cruel comedy by Witold Gombrowicz brought to the stage by Teatrebrik company

A grotesque and devastating parody, and an acidic portrait of power, Gombrowicz’s play has contemporary overtones in its critique of the putrefaction that sets in at the heart of politics. Through no fault of her own, the strangeness of Yvonne turns her into an agent provocateur.

Artistic information

Direction and adaptation: Joan Gómez Ponsetí

Cast: Íngrid Calpe, Cristina Cervià, Salvador Duran, Rafael Ferre, Loren Gómez, David Mercè, Gemma Olivas, Teresa Solà, Joan Solana, Jaume Vicenç, Pep Vila

Musical direction: David Costa

Musicians: Adrià Dilmé, Germà Negre, Aleix Pagès, Arnau Torrent

Production: Eironea Produccions and Teatrebrick

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