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30/40 Livingstone (Salt)

Sergi López i Jorge Picó
SetzeFetges produccions - Ring de Teatro
Show completed
Date and time
Monday, 07 December, 21:00

28€/ 18€

Duration1h 30min

Part of the limit of this show will be in sale in September, with the rest of the programming.  


Sergi López and Jorge Picó, having toured halfway round the world (Paris, Seville, Buenos Aires, Avignon ...) return with this show premiered in Temporada Alta 2011

The creators of one of the biggest hits in Catalan theatre, Non solum, return with another hilarious show about the unexpected relationship between a love-struck hunter and his not-so-innocent prey.

Artistic information

Direction and cast: Jorge Picó and Sergi López

Music: Oscar Roig

Costumes design: Pascual Peris

Lighting: Lionel Spycher

Production: Setzefetges Associats, S. L. i Ring de Teatro

Co-production: Temporada Alta

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