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Foot - ball

Cesc Gelabert
Gelabert Azzopardi
Show completed
Date and time
Saturday, 28 November, 21:00

36€/ 22€ /12€

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Part of the limit of this show will be in sale in September, with the rest of the programming.  


A dance show by Cesc Gelabert that brings the best moves of Barcelona Football Club to the stage

A former youth player and a huge fan of Barça’s most aesthetic side, veteran choreographer Cesc Gelabert sees football as choreography and, as the title suggests, sees it as a dance for the feet - the body sublimed.

Artistic information

Idea and direction: Cesc Gelabert

Coreography: Cesc Gelabertwith the collaborations of the dancers

Audiovisual: Jordi Morató and Cesc Gelabert

Cast: Eneko Alcaraz, Samuel Delvaux, Lluc Fruitós, Cesc Gelabert, Virginia Gimeno, Laura Lliteras, Lorena Nogal and Alberto Pineda

Music: Borja Ramos

Costumes design: Lydia Azzopardi

Lighting: Conxita Pons, Cesc Gelabert

Audiovisual production: La Termita Films SL



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