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Marcel·lí Antúnez
VAD 1.0
Show completed
Date and time
Friday, 05 October, 21:00

16,50€ (13,64 + 2,86 IVA)


From the Allegory of the Cave to Smartphones

The mechatronic performance of Marcel·lí Antúnez returns to the festival with Pseudo, a kaleidoscope of theatre in which the poetic art of Luigi Pirandello is fused with sensors, screens, smartphones and groundbreaking technology.

Artistic information

  • Direction, dramaturgy, ilustrations and interpretation: Marcel•lí Antúnez Roca
  • Music: Andrea Valle
  • Technical direction and light design: Oriol Ibañez
  • Event booking: Sam Roig, Sergi Lario, Matteo Sisti Sette, Javier Chavarri y Jesús de la Calle
  • Animation: Liliana Fortuny
  • Head of graphics: Wahab Zeghlache
  • Costume design: Paloma Bome
  • Sound: Paolo Armao/ASA Lab
  • Pseudo’s head mechanisation: Christian Konn
  • Electronics:, Hector López
  • Production: Festival Grec de Barcelona 2012, ICEC de la Generalitat de Catalunya and Panspermia SL

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