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Concerts for babies

Carles Pedragosa
Show completed
Date and time
Saturday, 24 October, 10:30
Saturday, 24 October, 12:00
Saturday, 24 October, 16:30
Sunday, 25 October, 10:30
Sunday, 25 October, 12:00
Sunday, 25 October, 16:30


Duration50 min
Show without text

Reccomended for ages 0-3


It’s back! The show enjoyed most by Girona’s youngest audience

Return of Temporada Alta’s classic that awakens the artistic sensitivity of the youngest spectators. The composition, premiered last year, is based on the idea that our first sounds come from the mother (her rhythmic and steady heartbeat) and the image of the snail as a mix of fragility and independence.The suite brings the music to the stage to stimulate children through a contrasting game of sound and vision: the children interact with the musicians and move around, investigating the space. What a great opportunity for children to discover sounds, colours and stories!

Artistic information

Artistic and musical direction: Carles Pedragosa

Artistic consultant: Paulo Lameiro

Dramaturgical advice: Jordi Oriol

Cast: Laura Codina (flute), Faló Garcia (guitalelé, percussion and voice), Carles Pedragosa (accordion), Queralt Prats and Nina Sunyer (violas), Alba Pujol (voice), Jordi Santanach (bass clarinete) Coreography and movement: Antonio Izquierdo and Neus Masó

Original music: Carles Pedragosa, Queralt Prats, Jordi Santanach, Laura Codina and Faló Garcia

Lighting design: Pep Arumí

Costumes design: Sílvia Delagneau

Production: Temporada Alta 2014


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