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Yllana i Ara Malikian
Show completed
Date and time
Sunday, 08 November, 18:00
New performances
Sunday, 08 November, 12:00

18€ / 12€ + Forfet Familiar de dos adults i dos nens a 60€

Duration1h 30min
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Show for all audiences.

Part of the limit of this show will be in sale in September, with the rest of the programming.  

One euro from every ticket will be earmarked to the program "Empreses amb cor" from Càritas Girona.


A hugely entertaining concert by Ara Malikian and Yllana covering the key moments in classical music

Ara Malikan and the Yllana company’s string quartet has audiences rolling in the aisles with a new way of serving up classical music: the works of the great composers, perfectly performed, amidst a welter of gags.

Artistic information

By Yllana and Ara Malikian

Artistic direction: David Ottone and Juan Francisco Ramos 

Musical direction: Ara Malikian

Musical creation: Ara Malikian, Eduardo Ortega, Gartxot Ortiz and Thomas Potiron

Cast: Ara Malikian, Eduardo Ortega, Gueorgui Fourdnajev and Fernando Clemente

Coreography: Carlos Chamorro

Scenery: Ana Garay 

Costumes design: Maribel Rodríguez 

Lighting: Diego Domínguez and Juanjo Llorens 

Sound: Luis López de Segovia and Jorge Moreno ‘Milky’

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