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Slava's SnowShow

Slava Polunin & Viktor Kramer
Show completed
Date and time
Thursday, 15 October, 21:00
Friday, 16 October, 21:00
Saturday, 17 October, 16:30
Saturday, 17 October, 21:00
Sunday, 18 October, 12:00
Sunday, 18 October, 16:30

32€ / 20€ / 10€

Duration1h 40m with included intermisison
Show without text

Show for all audiences, recommended from 8 years old.

Part of the limit of this show will be in sale in September, with the rest of the programming.  

Related activities:

Oct 16. At 21 h, before the show: solidarity activity at the theater entrance with the clowns of XaropClown


The great circus show that everyone wants to see more than once by Slava Polunin

Having honed his style during his time with Cirque du SoleilSlava Polunin’s personal universe oscillates between reality and dreams. Always visually striking, the magical tenderness with which he is returning to the festival was one of the biggest hits of Temporada Alta 2009.

Artistic information

By Slava Polunin

Direction: Slava Polunin and Viktor Kramer

Cast: Leg Bernov, Charles Jeff Johnson, Tatiana Karamysheva, Dmitry Khamzin, Oleg Lugovskoy, Fyodor Makarov, Derek Scott, Nikolai Terentiev, Grisel Vega Morales, Aelita Vest, Bradford West and Artem Zhimolokhov

Scenery: Viktor Plotnikov and Slava Polunin

Costumes design: Slava Polunin

Sound: Roman Dubinnikov and Slava Polunin

Production: Slava Polunin Company

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