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T de Teatre
Alfredo Sanzol
Show completed
Date and time
Friday, 16 November, 21:00
Saturday, 17 November, 21:00
Sunday, 18 November, 18:00
New performances
Saturday, 17 November, 18:00

33,50€ (27,69 + 5,81 IVA)
24,50€ (20,25 + 4,25 IVA)
18,50€ (15,29 + 3,21 IVA)
10,50€ (8,68 + 1,82 IVA)

Duration1h 40min (approx.)

Alfredo Sanzol and T de Teatre join forces once again after Delicades to create a crazy comedy

Alfredo Sanzol and T de Teatre, the team behind the hugely successful Delicades, join creative forces once more for the premiere of Aventura! This is the tale of six business partners who are approached by a Chinese firm wanting to purchase their company, but Instead of selling the firm, they decide to sell one of their partners.

Artistic information

  • Author and director: Alfredo Sanzol
  • Translation: Sergi Belbel
  • Cast: Mamen Duch, Marta Pérez, Carme Pla, Albert Ribalta, Jordi Rico i Àgata Roca
  • Set and costume design: Alejandro Andújar
  • Lighting design: Carlos Lucena
  • Music: Fernando Velázquez
  • Sound: Roc Mateu
  • Production: T de Teatre



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