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Cia La Pulpe Teatro
Denis Duncan
Show completed
Date and time
Sunday, 09 November, 18:00

6 €

Duration1 h 10 min

Denis Ducan presents a farce strongly committed to political views

Denise Duncan's farce has radical political undertones commenting on our current state of affairs. She uses stereotypes and exaggeration as well as surrealism and masks. C.O.C.A. is a stage display of healthy discontent taking artistic and political form.

Artistic information

Direction: Denis Duncan
Cast: Mercè Boher, Catalina Calvo, Salvador Miralles, Marta Santandreu and Meritxell Calvo
Set design: Víctor Peralta
Production: La Pulpe Teatro
Collaboration in the production: Grec - Festival de Barcelona, Fira Tàrrega and Temporada Alta 2014

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