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Sobre la marxa

Jordi Morató
Jordi Pijiula
Show completed
Date and time
Tuesday, 21 October, 22:00

7 €

Duration1 h 17 min

A film by Jordi Morató, recorded over 14 years, about Josep Pijiula "Garrell" (the so-called Argelaguer Tarzan)

Josep Pijiula ‘Garrell’, known as the ‘Argelaguer Tarzan’, was filmed over the course of 14 years. Jordi Morató has reorganized the material to explain the story of a moving account of lost paradises. There is no end to the praise received by the film at all of the international festivals.

Artistic information

Direction and script: Jordi Morató
Protagonist: Josep Pijiula “Garrell” (Tarzan d’Argelaguer)
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