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King Size

Christoph Marthaler
Theater Basel
Show completed
Premiere in Spain
Date and time
Friday, 14 November, 21:00
Saturday, 15 November, 18:00

35 €

Duration1 h 20 min
Show in German, French and English with Catalan surtitles

Christoph Marthaler returns to Temporada Alta

Not everything has been said: there are still new ways to tell stories. Christoph Marthaler mixes songs, words and mime in this hotel farce as told by Schumann and the Jackson 5.

Artistic information

Direction: Christoph Marthaler
Dramaturgy: Malte Ubenauf
Cast: Tora Augestad, Bendix Dethleffsen, Michael von der Heide and Nikola Weisse
Stage: Duri Bischoff
Costume design: Sarah Schittek
Light design: HeidVoegelinLights
Music: Bendix Dethleffsen
Production: Theater Basel (Switzerland)
Colaboration:  prohelvetia

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