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El Conde de Torrefiel

La chica de la agencia de viajes nos dijo que había piscina...
Pablo Gisbert
Show completed
Date and time
Saturday, 22 November, 23:00

15 €

Duration1 h 10 min
Show in Spanish with English surtitles

The new performance by El Conde de Torrefiel

El Conde de Torrefiel turns words into dance, choreographs sentences and bodies and multiplies itself into different languages and vocal registers, directly or through the microphone. Fuelled by postmodern irony, their sense of humour is devastating.

Artistic information

Idea and creation: El Conde de Torrefiel
Dramaturgy: Pablo Gisbert
Text: Pablo Gisbert with the cast's collaboration
Cast: Cris Celada, Tanya Beyeler & Guests (Mónica Almirall, Albert Pérez-Hidalgo, David Mallols, Amaranta Velarde, Nicolas Carbajal, Xantal Gabaró and Andreu Martínez)
Light design: Octavio Mas
Sound composition: Rebecca Praga
Co-production: Festival TNT (Terrassa)
With the collaboration: Graner, Azala, Espacio de creación (Àlaba) and L’Estruch de Sabadell

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