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Molt soroll per res

Parking Shakespeare
Israel Solà
Show completed
Date and time
Friday, 10 October, 21:00

18 €

Duration1 h approx

Parking Shakespeare take to the stage to present one of Shakespeare’s most amusing comedies

Parking Shakespeare serves up Shakespeare’s words in festive al fresco productions. The loquacity of the characters is no more than a mask that hides their real feelings. But what a wonderful firework display they put on.

Artistic information

William Shakespeare's
Direction and adaptation: Israel Solà
Cast: Òscar Bosch, Mireia Cirera, Ester Cort, Adrià Díaz, José Pedro García Balada, Pep Garcia-Pascual, Carles Gilabert, Ferran Herrera, Ariadna Matas, Santi Monreal and Ricard Sadurní
Translation: Salvador Oliva

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