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One-Hit Wonders

Sol Picó
Ernesto Collado
Show completed
Date and time
Friday, 03 October, 21:00
New performances
Saturday, 04 October, 18:00


Duration1 h approx

Sol Picó open the festival with a debut solo performance that blends pieces from their best shows

Sol Picó looks back over his 20-year career with his characteristic mixture of ingenuousness and strength. Mixing Atom Ant and Maya the Bee, this is a genuinely animated story.

Artistic information

Direction: Sol Picó i Ernesto Collado
Choreography and dancer: Sol Picó
Set design, thecnical director and actor: Joan Manrique
Costume design: Valeria Civil
Light design and light tecnitian: Sylvia Kuchinow
Musical direction: Mireia Tejero
Production: Companyia Sol Picó
Collaboration in the production: Temporada Alta 2014


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