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El President

Carme Portaceli
Thomas Bernhard
Show completed
Date and time
Saturday, 25 October, 21:00
Sunday, 26 October, 18:00

32 €

Duration1 h 30 min

Francesc Orella and Rosa Renom play the leads in this classic piece by Thomas Bernhard under the direction of Carme Portaceli

Another merciless attack by Thomas Bernhard on the heart of Austria’s apparently harmonious society. This portrait of the highest echelons of the establishment reveals the true mediocrity and fragility of power.

Artistic information

Thomas Bernhard's 
Direction: Carme Portaceli
Cast: Josep Costa, Daniela Feixas, Josep Julien, Sergi Misas, Montse Pérez, Francesc Orella and Rosa Renom
Translation: Bernat 
Scenography: Paco Azorín

Light design: Maria Domènech 
Costume design: Antonio 
Sound space: Jordi Collet 
Movement: Ferran 
Production: Teatre Nacional de Catalunya 
(TNC) and Temporada Alta 2014/El Canal

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