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Manolo Alcántara
Xavier Erra
Show completed
Date and time
Sunday, 12 October, 12:00
Sunday, 12 October, 18:00

12 €

Duration55 min
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A circus performance by Manolo Alcántara

This circus act with live music features a man who creates towers from heavy wooden boxes in any shape or form. The simplicity of the constructions is combined with the structures' fragility and the artist's agility as he delicately tightropes between them.

Artistic information

Creation and direction: Manolo Alcántara and Xavier Erra
Composition and musical direction: Clara Peya
Thecincal director: Luis Nevado
Cast: Manolo Alcántara, Clara Rius (violin) and Maria Bou (cello)
Set design: Xavier Erra
Costume design and characterisation: Rosa Solé
Light design: Luis Nevado
Production: Manolo Alcántara
Assistant in the production: La Destil·leria
Co-production: Grec - Festival de Barcelona
Collaboration: LaSala and Ca L’Estruch de Sabadell


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