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Sergio Blanco
Show completed
Premiere in Catalonia
Date and time
Saturday, 25 October, 21:00

18 €

Duration1 h 30 min
Show in Spanish

Sergio Blanco creates a tale of parricide in a peripheral neighbourhood, with parallels to the city Thebes in ancient Greece

With echoes of Kafka, Freud, the Capote of In Cold BloodSophocles and classical Greek tragedy, Sergio Blanco tells the dark tale of patricide, committed with a fork. A one-onone combat in the realm of words with a markedly contemporary flavour.

Artistic information

Sergio Blanco's
Direction and dramaturgy: Sergio Blanco
Cast: Gustavo Saffores and Bruno Pereyra
Scenography, costume design and light design: Laura Leifert and Sebastián Marrero
Video art: Miguel Grompone
Production: Adrián Minutti and Salvador Collado
Production in Spain: Complot and FIT Cádiz

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