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Traduccions / Translations

Brian Friel
Ferran Utzet
Show completed
Date and time
Sunday, 19 October, 18:00

35 / 22 / 18 / 9 €

Duration2 h 45 min (with interval)

Ivan Benet, Ramon Vila and Montse Morillo play the leads in this piece by Brian Friel

In 19th century Ireland, the introduction of English place names was the beginning of the end for an entire language. La Perla 29 surprises yet again with this tale of colonisers and the colonised.

Artistic information

Brian Friel's
Direction: Ferran Utzet
Cast:  Jenny Beacraft, Ivan Benet, Òscar Castellví, Òscar Intente, Montse Morillo, Albert Triola, Júlia Truyol, David Vert and Ramon Vila
Translation: Joan Sellent
Scenography: Maura Nylon
Costume design: Annita Ribera
Light design: Guillem Gelabert
Sound space: Damien Bazin
Projections: Francesc Isern
Production: La Perla 29

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