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Cia Maduixa
Juan Pablo Mendiola
Show completed
Date and time
Sunday, 19 October, 17:00

12 €

Duration45 min

A new visual and technological journey from Cia Maduixa

Anything is possible in Dot: dance, music, theatre and new technologies combined to create mind-blowing magic from Sol Lewitt. In 2012, Cia Maduixa received the FETEN prize, and now following Ras! y Consonant, they are back to invite kiddie Temporada Alta fans to learn and have fun.

Artistic information

Choreographical direction: Mamen García
Music: Damián Sánchez
Cast: Joaquín Collado and Laia Sorribes
Stage: Joan Santacreu
Costume design: Joan Miquel Reig
Light design: Juan Pablo Mendiola
Audiovisuals: Bea Herráiz
Video: Nirvana Imatge
Production: Cia Maduixa


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