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Claudia Faci
August Strindberg
Show completed
Date and time
Saturday, 04 October, 21:00

28 / 10€

Duration1 h 30 min
Show in Spanish

A project by Claudia Faci based on Strindberg’s play ‘The Creditors’

In Strindberg, conflicts of interest culminate in violence, especially of the psychological kind. Exposed, working to maximize the intensity of dialogue and situations, three actors share their self-reflection with the audience.

Artistic information

By Claudia Faci, from August Strindberg's text
Direction and dramaturgy: Claudia Faci with Paloma Díaz and Jaime Conde Salazar collaboration
Cast: Pablo Messiez, Fernanda Orazi, Claudia Faci and Mr X.
Set design: Carlos Marquerie
Sound space: Óscar Villegas
Costume design: Soledad Seseña
Production: Claudia Faci and Paz Santa Cecilia (Magaleprods)
Collaboration in the production: Teatros del Canal, La Casa Encendida, Teatro Pradillo, Nave 73, Espacio DT, Circo Prince and Temporada Alta 2014


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