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Alberto San Juan
Teatro del Barrio / Teatre Lliure
Show completed
Premiere in Catalonia
Date and time
Friday, 10 October, 21:00

28 / 18€

Duration1 h
Show in Spanish

A stage recreation of Judge Pablo Ruz’s cross-examination of Luís Bárcenas in a performance directed by Alberto San Juan and written by Jordi Casanovas

Jordi Casanovas re-affirms his commitment to theatre as a critical reflection of reality. Here he stages investigating judge Pablo Ruz’s cross-examination of the Popular Party’s extreasurer Luis Bárcenas, performed by Teatro del Barrio, a company on stunning form.

Artistic information

Jordi Casanovas's
Direction: Alberto San Juan
Cast: Pedro Casablanc, Manolo Sólo
Co-production: Teatro del Barrio, Teatre Lliure

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