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Dealer's choice

Julio Manrique
Patrick Marber
Show completed
Date and time
Saturday, 04 October, 18:00
Saturday, 04 October, 21:00
New performances
Friday, 03 October, 21:00

35 / 22 / 18 / 9€

Duration1 h 50 min

The smash hit of this year’s Grec Festival in Barcelona, directed by Julio Manrique

Six men and a weekly poker game. Some play for money, others because it’s an addiction. A group portrait, assembled with masterful precision by Julio Manrique.

Artistic information

Patrick Marber's
Direction: Julio Manrique
Adaptation and translation: Cristina Genebat
Cast: Ramon Madaula, Andreu Benito, Joan Carreras, Marc Rodríguez, Andrew Tarbet and Oriol Vila
Scenography: Sebastià Brosa
Costume design: Maria Armengol
Light design: Jaume Ventura
Sound space: Ramon Ciércoles
Co-production: Teatre Romea, Grec 2014 Festival de Barcelona

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