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Trilogia MozArt

Così fan Dei Furbi
Dei Furbi
Show completed
Date and time
Saturday, 04 October, 21:00

24 €

Duration1 h 10 min

A new show by the company that achieved great success with ‘The Magic Flute’

This original company scooped the Max Prize for musical theatre with The Magic Flute a cappella, and now their hilarious mixture of play, mime and voices once again re-invents Mozart with a generous dose of humour.

Artistic information

Dramaturgy and direction: Gemma Beltran
Direction assitant: Boris Daussà
Voices couching: David Costa and Armand Grèbol
Cast: Robert González, Marc Pujol, Queralt Albinyana, Anna Herebia and David Marcè
Scenography: Ramon Ivars y Gemma Beltran
Light design: David Bofarull
Musical arrangaments: Paco Viciana
Coordination: Marta Riera
Production: Baubo SCCL
Collaboration in the production: Temporada Alta 2014

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