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Ara Malikian
Show completed
Date and time
Sunday, 23 November, 18:00

16 / 10 €

Duration1 h 30 min
Show without text

Suitable for all audiances


A fun concert by Ara Malikian and Yllana that takes us through some of the key moments of classical music

Ara Malikian's string quartet offers a deconstruction of a classical concert, performing the star works of the great composers with an endless supply of jokes and gags. 


Artistic information

Original idea: Yllana and Ara Malikian
Creation and direction: Yllana
Artistic direction: David Ottone and Juan Francisco Ramos
Musical direction: Ara Malikian
Musical creation: Ara Malikian, Eduardo Ortega, Gartxot Ortiz and Thomas Potiron
Choreography: Carlos Chamorro
Cast: Ara Malikian, Eduardo Ortega, Gueorgui Fourdnajev and Fernando Clemente
Stage: Ana Garay
Costume design: Maribel Rodríguez
Light design: Diego Domínguez i Juanjo Llorens
Sound: Luis López de Segovia i Jorge Moreno ‘Milky’
Voice-over: Mabel Caínzos
Voic-over texts: Ramón Sáez
Production: Yllana, Ara Malikian

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