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Programmers’ Convention

Amb la col·laboració Institut Ramon Llull

From 21st to 24th November

To coincide with the Setmana de Creació Contemporània, the Festival has organized a series of activities for national and international festival programmers, with the aim of promoting exchanges between projects and facilitating the production and mobility of the works.

The main act of this initiative is the programmers’ convention which is held for the third time this year. Held on Friday 22nd November, this meeting gives different theatrical directors of Catalan and European festivals the opportunity to present projects that they are involved in, currently in the design and preproduction phases, and which may be of interest to the other professionals in attendances. By doing so, the aim is to promote the international projection opportunities for these projects. This convention is accompanied by workshops and exclusive events that will be conducted by some of the leading names from the contemporary Catalan scene: Pere Faura, Xavier Bobés and Àlex Rigola.

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