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Mise en scène

El Bòlit

Josep M. Oliveras, Perejaume & Javier Pérez

From 20th September 2013 to 4th January 2014 

An exhibition that brings together works related to theatrical arts, two of which have been performed in venues in Girona by the artists Perejaume (at the Teatre Municipal de Girona and the Auditori de Girona) and Javier Ruiz (at the Teatre Municipal de Girona).

The exhibition also shows other works by Perejaume and a photography display which the Girona-based artist Josep Maria Oliveras has created for the poster of this year’s edition of the Temporada Alta Festival.

The exhibiting artists share their relationship and fascination with music and theatre, and have created images, theatre pieces and other works inspired by these art forms. The piece by Javier Ruiz acts as a metaphor for concepts such as beauty and cruelty and the naturalness of life and death. The works Perejaume pay homage to icons of music and theatre such as Brossa and Pau Casals. Last but not least, Josep Maria Oliveras contributes his image for the festival.

Organized by Bòlit

With the collaboration of Temporada Alta and the Auditori de Girona

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