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Bhum 3!

L'animal a l'esquena
Mal Pelo
Date and time

Human Boundary Manifest (Manifest frontera humana)

5 de octubre a las 5 de la tarde

‘L’Animal Tardor’ is a catchall title which draws together the activities that L’animal a l’esquena offer during the months of September and October.
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At the workshop of L’animal a l’esquena

‘GUS’ by Baró d’Evel (France-Catalonia). A laboratory in which Baró d’Evel Cirk invites us to get involved with a transformational work where the lines between animal and human are blurred, followed by an in-depth discussion of the diversity of languages, movement and matter.

‘La veu del cos’ by Alia Sellami (Tunisia). Workshop-laboratory led by musicians and singers. Sellami is a composer a musician playing classical, Arabic, jazz and contemporary music. She is also a teacher at the Tunisia University and the Advanced Conservatory of Music.

‘Solo on Bach’ with Glenn Federica Porello (Italy). Improvisations based around the choreographic structure of Albert Quesada (Catalonia-Belgium), from the Goldberg Variations to fragments of conversations in which the pianist explains his interpretation of Bach’s work.


Inside Mas Espolla

Xavi Bobés (Catalonia), resident artist in 2013, presents a small exhibition of his work. Meanwhile, Núria Font/NU2’s (Catalonia), video producer, commissioner and collaborator with L’animal a l’esquena, offers us a programme of videos.


A l’entorn del Mas Espolla

Interventions. Short presentations by artists related to L’animal’s programme of creation and residencies, including Noemí Bouissou, Blaï Mateu, Jonas Juilland, Piero Steiner, and Taxecs, among others.

Festa Bhum! With live music and other surprises, DJ, bar through to the small hours.

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Mal Pelo ‘El silenci i la possibilitat d’imaginar’

16th -20th September and 7th -11th October

Alia Sellami (Tunisia) ‘La veu del cos’

30th September to 5th October


* Programme designed and produced by L’animal a l’esquena with the support of Temporada Alta.

* All activities are free of charge except the workshops.

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