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Re-presentació: Numax

Roger Bernat
FRAC Basse Normandie, Temporada Alta i Elèctrica Produccions
Show completed
Premiere in Spain
Date and time
Saturday, 23 November, 16:00
Saturday, 23 November, 18:00
Duration50 minutes

Roger Bernat delivers his re-representation of the film Numax

Joaquím Jordá immortalized the discussions of a group of self-managing workers in Numax Presenta. Today the acclaimed experimental director Roger Bernat re-presents those debates.

Artistic information

Idea, creation and direction: Roger Bernat

Performer: Núria Martínez-Vernís

Coordination: Helena Fabrés

Co-production: FRAC Basse Normandie (Caen), Temporada Alta 2013 and Elèctrica Produccions


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