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Concerts per a nadons

Paulo Lameiro i Carles Pedragosa
El Canal Centre d'Arts Escèniques Salt/Girona
Show completed
Date and time
Saturday, 30 November, 10:30
Saturday, 30 November, 12:00
Saturday, 30 November, 16:30
Sunday, 01 December, 10:30
Sunday, 01 December, 12:00
Sunday, 01 December, 16:30

12 € (adult + nen) + 10 € (adult extra) + 5€ (nen extra)


A sensory experience for tiny tots

Sound is about more than just hearing. Sound can be touched and seen. The unforgettable experience of Concerts per a Nadons makes this possible, a show for children aged up to three, which enables them to discover and become enthralled with the magic of live music. Concerts per a Nadons is designed to promote the enjoyment of music, with performers and children, parents and siblings, grandparents and friends. The Portuguese musician and teacher Lameiro Paulo, brainchild of the project, did the groundwork in the last three festivals with his Concertos para bebés, which had overwhelming success. A group of young Catalan musicians and professional dancers, trained by Paulo, appear on stage for the second consecutive year.

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