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Compagnia TPO
Davide Venturini i Francesco Gandi
Show completed
Premiere in Spain
Date and time
Sunday, 20 October, 12:00
Sunday, 20 October, 17:00


Duration55 minutes

Una veritable experiencia sensorial a partir del cuento Babayaga

Babayaga is a famous Russian tale about a girl who is forced to leave her family to go and live with a terrible ogress. The Italian company TPO brings this story to the stage, focusing on the importance of unity in overcoming evil. The production uses music, dance and, most impacting, the beautiful illustrations of Rébecca Dautremer which are projected in large format throughout the show in an authentic experience of the senses. TPO came to Temporada Alta with their stage performance of The Japanese Garden in 2009 and the festival is set to welcome them back with their new production, without speech, that is completely interactive and sensory. A unique experience, this production has already enchanted audiences in Korea, Russia and France. 

Artistic information


Adaptación libre de la obra Babayaga illustrada por Rebecca Dautremer

Dirección artística: Davide Venturini y Francesco Gandi

Diseño visual: Elsa Mersi

Coreografía: Paola Lattanzi

Intérpretes: Carolina Amoretti y Sara Campinoti

Música y sonido: Spartaco Cortesi

Canto: Naomi Berril

Vestuari: Fiamma Ciotti Farulli

Escenografia: Livia Cortesi, Massimiliano Fierli

Producció: Compagnia TPO

Coproducció: Teatro Metastasio Stabile della Toscana


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