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Orelles de xocolata

Alícia Matínez i Nora Escudero
Orella Activa i Temporada Alta 2013
Show completed
Date and time
Sunday, 13 October, 12:00
New performances
Sunday, 13 October, 17:00


Duration1 hour

Pop-rock and chocolate for the whole family

Orelles de Xocolata is an extension of the Orella Activa group for whole families – a cultural association formed in 2001 of people connected to music who take an active role in promoting music in Girona. Orelles de Xocolata is the first pop-rock gig that can be enjoyed by whole families, a sensorial experience based on light and sound. The concert features universal hits ranging from Michael Jackson to Alaska&Diarama as well as the Beach Boys, guaranteed to unleash the groupie spirit in full force amongst old and young alike. This is a concert where spectators can shout, scream and become part of an explosion of collective energy, with a grand chocolate finale.

Artistic information


Idea: Nora Escudero, Alícia Martínez, Jordi Martín, Anna Baena y Rafa Gallardo

Dirección y coordinación: Alícia Martínez y Nora Escudero

Músicos: Rafa Gallardo (batería), Miquel Brugués (teclados), Carla Aguilar (voz), Xevi Pascual (bajo), Gerard Brugés (guitarra)

Intérpretes: Berta Escudero y Paula Radesa

Sonido: Lluís Ferrer

Vestuario: Gemma Rabionet

Vídeo: David Pérez

Producción: Orella Activa i Temporada Alta 2013



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