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Maduixa Teatre
Juan Pablo Mendiola
Show completed
Date and time
Sunday, 06 October, 18:00


Duration45 minutes

Interdisciplinary production based on the visual poetry of Joan Brossa

Following the rip-roaring success of their tour, the Valencian company Maduixa Teatre takes Girona by storm with Consonant, a production based on theatre, dance, poetry, visual arts and new technologies, which finds its source of inspiration in the visual poetry of Joan Brossa. At the last festival, audiences were able to savour Ras! This year, directed by Juan Pablo Mendiola once again, actors from the Maduixa Teatre - Aina Gimeno and Paula Garcia Sabio - take the audience on a fantastical journey inside a book, to a destination created by the imagination where letters come alive. Consonant received an award at FETEN 2012, the European festival of performing arts for children. 

Artistic information


Dramatúrgia i direcció: Juan Pablo Mendiola

Intèrprets: Aina Gimeno i Paula García Sabio

Música: Paco Garnelo

Escenografia: Juan Pablo Mendiola, Joan Santacreu

Vestuari: Pascual Peris

Il·luminació: Juan Pablo Mendiola

Il·lustracions: Patricia Barrachina



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