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Pere Riera
Teatre Nacional de Catalunya
Show completed
Date and time
Saturday, 07 December, 21:00
Sunday, 08 December, 18:00

35 / 22 / 18 / 9€

Duration2 hours and 35 minutes with a 20 minutes interval

Pere Riera returns with a comedy drama about the capital city of Catalonia, featuring major actors

Barcelona, by Pere Riera, is a comedy so cleverly written and so clear in its intentions, that despite the specificity of its historical setting, it can be read as a universal text.

Artistic information

Direction: Pere Riera

Performers: Míriam Iscla, Emma Vilarasau, Anna Moliner, Jordi Banacolocha, Pep Planas, Pepa López, Carlos Cuevas, Joan Carreras

Set design: Sebastià Brosa

Costumes: Georgina Viñolo

Lighting design: David Bofarull

Music: Òscar Roig

Sound: Damien Bazin

Production: Teatre Nacional de Catalunya



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