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Guy Cassiers
Show completed
Premiere in Spain
Date and time
Friday, 29 November, 21:00


Duration1 hour and 40 minutes
Show in Dutch with subtitles in Catalan

Torna Guy Cassiers with Orlando by Virginia Woolf

Last year he took us to the Heart of Darkness, and this year Flemish director Guy Cassiers has adapted Orlando, one of Virginia Woolf’s most original novels.

Artistic information

Direction: Guy Cassiers

Text: Virginia Woolf

Translation: Gerardine Franken

Adaptation: Katelijne Damen

Dramaturgy: Erwin Jans

Artistic collaboration: Luc De Wit

Performer: Katelijne Damen

Set design: Guy Cassiers

Video: Frederik Jassogne

Lighting design: Giacomo Gorini

Sound: Diederik De Cock

Costumes: Katelijne Damen

Production: Toneelhuis



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