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Bienvenido a casa

Roberto Suárez
Pequeño Teatro de Morondanga
Show completed
Premiere in Catalonia
Date and time
Friday, 01 November, 21:00
Saturday, 02 November, 18:00


Duration1h and 5 minutes (first part) 1h and 45 minutes (second part)
Show in Spanish

First double session: 1 november 21h (first part) / 2 november 18h (second part)

Second double session: 2 november 18:15h (first part) - 22h (second part)

KEEP THE TICKET - the same ticket will be used for two parts


Disturbing and ground-breaking tragi-comedy by Roberto Suárez and the Pequeño Teatro de la Morondanga

Nothing is what it seems in the house of the Elephant Man. In this two-part experimental piece we witness the evolution of our own perceptions of the main character’s deformity.

Artistic information

Direction: Roberto Suárez

Performers: Sergio Gorfain, Chiara Hourcade, Soledad Pelayo, Oscar Pernas, Mariano Prince, Mario Rodríguez, Rafael Soliwoda, Gustavo Suárez

Production: Ignacio Fumero Ayo, Salvador Collado


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