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Andreu Buenafuente
Show completed
Premiere in Catalonia
Date and time
Friday, 09 November, 22:00
Saturday, 10 November, 18:30
Saturday, 10 November, 22:00
Sunday, 11 November, 18:00

37€ (30,58 + 6,42 IVA)
33€ (27,27 + 5,73 IVA)
27€ (22,31 + 4,69 IVA)

Duration1h 30min (approx.)
Voice-over in spanish

Andreu Buenafuente is the voice in off of the new production by Mayumana

A gold standard of theatre, Mayumana pays tribute to its 15-year history with Racconto, a unique production featuring artists from all around the world that summarises the company’s evolution and mixes video with music, theatre, dance and, of course, a large dose of humour.

Artistic information

  • Artistic directors: Boaz Berman and Eylon Nuphar
  • Director and company co-founder: Roy Ofer
  • Cast: Cast in operation
  • Production: Mayumana
  • In association with: Andreu Buenafuente and Xavi Cassadó de El Terrat


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