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L'esperança de vida d'una llebre

Mal Pelo
María Muñoz i Pep Ramis
Show completed
Date and time
Tuesday, 29 October, 18:00
Wednesday, 30 October, 21:00


Duration1 hour and 10 minutes

Mal Pelo present their last creation

From the interplay of objects onstage and the personality of the performers emerges a new production from Mal Pelo, a crucial company on the national scene.

Artistic information


Creation and Perform: Leo Castro, Enric Fàbregas, Jordi Galí, Pep Ramis and Federica Porello

Lighting design: August Viladomat

Musical collaboration: Alia Sellami, Fanny Thollot, Quiteria Muñoz

Texts: Erri De Luca, Mal Pelo and María Zambrano

Costumes: Carme Puigdevall Plantés

Production: Mal Pelo, El Mercat de les Flors


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