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Manyac, manyac

Pere Puig
Mithistòrima Produccions sl / Sala La Planeta
Show completed
Date and time
Friday, 25 October, 22:00
Saturday, 26 October, 21:00
Sunday, 27 October, 18:00


Duration1 hour and 30 minutes

Pere Puig presents his adaptation of ‘Enfantillages’ by the dramatist Raymond Coursse

Manyac Manyac is an adaptation of Enfantillages, by French playwright Raymond Cousse. A monologue with echoes of Beckett and lonesco performed by Pep Vila and directed by Pere Puig.

Artistic information


Directed by: Pere Puig

Performer: Pep Vila

Orginal text: Enfantillages of Raymond Cousse

Adaptation and dramaturgy: Pep Vila and Pere Puig

Lighting design: August Viladomat

Set design and costumes: Ricard Prat Coll and Lluís Nadal "Koko"

Sound: Lluís Rubirola

Production: Mithistòrima Produccions S.L / Sala Planeta



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