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Christiane Jatahy
Cia. Vértice de Teatro
Show completed
Premiere in Spain
Date and time
Saturday, 12 October, 21:00


Duration1 hour and 25 minutes
Show in portuguese with catalan surtitles

Christiane Jatahy premieres her latest creation in Spain, a fusion of film and theatre

In a Brazilian Miss Julie, Christiane Jatahy experiments with film and theatre

Artistic information


Directed and adapted by: Christiane Jatahy

Performers: Julia Bernat and Rodrigo dos Santos

Set design: Marcelo Lipiani and Christiane Jatahy

Photo: David Pacheco

Camara: Paulo Camacho

Lighting design: Renato Machado and David Pacheco

Music: Rodrigo Marçal

Production: Cia. Vértice de Teatro 



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