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Bijoux (B Flowers)

Marta Carrasco
Companyia Marta Carrasco
Show completed
Date and time
Saturday, 05 October, 21:00


Duration1 hour
Show almost without text

Marta Carrasco returns to the festival with B Flowers

Choreographer and dancer Marta Carrasco has always defied convention, and on this occasion her dramatic irony focuses on the flowers of the cha-cha-cha Capullito de alelí.

Artistic information


Created and directed: Marta Carrasco

Performers: Marta Carrasco, Anna Coll, Majo Cordonet

Set design: Marta Carrasco, Pau Fernández

Lighting design: Quico Gutiérrez

Musical montage: José Antonio Gutiérrez

Production: Companyia Marta Carrasco

Co-production: CAET, CCVV i Temporada Alta 2013

With the support of Departament de Cultura and the Institut Ramon Llull



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