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Albert Pla
Show completed
Date and time
Saturday, 24 November, 21:00

31€  (25,62+5,38 IVA)
24,50€ (20,25+4,25 IVA)
13€ (10,74+2,26 IVA)


Albert Pla

“He would have liked to kill a couple of policemen, or bankers, or unscrupulous business men, but in the end, like everyone else, he decides to go on an anti-system protest”, states matter-of-factly the singer-songwriter in the introduction of the protagonist of Manifestació.

Artistic information

  • Voice and guitar: Albert Pla
  • Artistic direction: Pepe Miravete
  • Light design: Jordi Surroca
  • Sound: Kei Macias
  • Production: Pedro Páramo
  • Co-production: Temporada Alta 2012


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