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Temporada Alta in Buenos Aires


From 11th to 17th of Febrary 2013

The Sala Timbre 4 in Buenos Aires, directed by the prestigious playwright, director and teacher of theatre Claudio Tolcachir, will showcase a selection of Catalan productions gathered together under the name: Temporada Alta in Buenos Aires - Catalan Week at Timbre 4. 
This project has arisen from a partnership between the Temporada Alta Festival and the Sala Timbre 4 theatre. Its goal is to bring Catalan theatre to Argentinian audiences, fulfilling Temporada Alta’s own mandate of becoming a springboard for the international promotion of Catalan performing arts. The project is sponsored by the Ramon Llull Institute.
Timbre 4 will showcase three productions: Insomni, by Xavier Bobés, a show based on the theatre of objects and premiered at Temporada Alta 2011 by the company Playground; Non Solum by Sergi López and Jorge Picó, premiered at the 2005 Festival; and the dance production Striptease by Pere Faura, staged at the last Temporada Alta Festival.
Catalan Week will also see its own version of the Playwriting Tournament, which is organised as part of the festival. This time the winning playwrights of the previous two Catalan tournaments, David Plana and Jordi Galceran, will stand against two Argentinian playwrights Diego Faturos and Francisco Lumerman; all texts will be read by Argentinean actors. Temporada Alta in Buenos Aires will also include a workshop given by Xavier Bobés.
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