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Presentation of the Temporada Alta festival programme


110 shows and more premieres than ever 

The 24th Temporada Alta festival will kick off with a performance by the French company Carabosse. Fire Ceremony, a spectacle of fire, light and music, will parade around Girona’s old quarter and represents the first time the festival has opened with a street installation.

This show for all ages is followed by 110 acts, including 36 premieres and 25 productions and co-productions of the festival itself that spectators will be able to see on 30 different stages in around 10 different towns or villages.

Broadly speaking the festival is aimed at promoting and showing commitment to the diffusion of the performing arts of our country, which is producing more shows than ever, and now under the name of Temporada Alta. This year’s festival also will strengthen European ties; promote pieces by Catalan authors and young playwrights, contemporary creation, programming of film and the programming of family and musical performances. Thus the festival invites a large number of leading international figures of the performing arts (Peter Brook, Thomas Ostermeier, Declan Donnellan, Fabrice Murgia, Michael Pennington, Oskaras Korsunovas, Ute Lemper, Guy Cassiers, Claudio Tolcachir etc.) along with some of Spain's most internationally well-known artists (Rocío Molina, Alberto San Juan, José Antonio Portillo, etc.) and also Catalan premieres by some of today’s greatest artists (Pau Miró, Roger Bernat, Lali Ayguadé, Xavier Bobés, Marc Martínez etc.)

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