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Carlos Pazos is the creator of the poster for this year's Temporada Alta that will start on 2nd October


The programming for Temporada Alta 2015, which will be released in its entirety on Monday 31st August, will include international shows, national premieres and theatre, dance and music performances, as well as special sections devoted to film, contemporary creativity and family shows. The Festival will begin on 2nd October and will finish on 8th December.

The image and the poster, designed by the artist Carlos Pazos

A mask made up of three loaves of bread that a man holds in front of his chest and genitals is the image that the artist Carlos Pazos (Barcelona, 1949) has created as the poster for this year's Temporada Alta festival. The poster is a collage made up of two photos that form this reference to the theatrical mask together with other images, textures and typefaces taken from the artist’s archive. The resulting poster is very reminiscent of pop art; a predominant style in the work of Carlos Pazos. You can find more information in the attached article by the journalist Antoni Ribas and you can download the image here.

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