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The Club CT - Priority purchase and exclusive activities during the festival.


Being a member of the spectator’s club of La Ciutat Invisible Foundation, the Club CT, enables you to buy tickets to the festival before anybody else (from 5th to 8th September) with a 20% discount.

This club brings together a community of people interested in dramatic arts and culture. The members have access to exclusive information, benefits and cultural events. With this in mind, during the festival, the following activities have been organized for the members:

5th Sept. Salvador Sunyer presents the Temporada Alta programme.

10th Oct. Get-together and appetizer with the writer of Ruz-Bárcenas, Jordi Casanova, in the bar of the Teatre de Salt after the performance

26th Oct. Discussion based around Thomas Bernhard, focusing on ‘El President’ and ‘Tala’, with the participation of Xavier Albertí.

8th Nov. Lluís Homar and Pau Miró discuss the adaptation of Terra Baixa & Lluís Homar (after the performance).

29th Nov. Post-performance event with Alícia and Àlex Gorina, after ‘Watching Peeping Tom’  presented  by Guillem Terribas.

During the festival, members will also have the opportunity to attend rehearsals of some of the productions that premiere at this year’s Temporada Alta. Last year, members had the chance to get pairs of tickets for eight rehearsals, worth €320.

An example of the many cultural activities organized for the members of the Club CT. For further information:

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