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Eulàlia valldosera is the artist featured on this year's temporada alta poster


Eulàlia Valldosera is the artist whose work is featured on this year's poster. Her artistic vision, which won her the National Plastic Arts Award (2002), advocates the channelling of her creations through non-objective practices such as performance or installations. Currently, her work is featured in the most important contemporary art collections in the world, such as the MACBA (Barcelona Contemporary Art Museum), the Queen Sofia National Art Museum, the Belgian Museum of Modern Art and the Castilla y León Museum of Modern Art. 

According to the artist herself, the image on this year's Temporada Alta poster forms part of a wider study. This plastic bottle has the potential to throw up a number of questions. There is one striking fact, however, which prevents the immediate interpretation of the piece: the bottle is full. "Somehow it sparks a discussion about the relationship between container and content, and the relationship between the physical aspect and the emotional aspect". In the end, therefore, the poster image, a character that does not lose its dignity despite the knocks it has received, is a "metaphor for the artist, actor, creator in their capacity as a container that channels inspiration. Inspiration flows through the artist, wherever it comes from". 

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