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L’incendi (The fire)

L’incendi is the audiovisual piece which will launch Temporada Alta 2017. 

Once again, the Festival has joined up with Nanouk Films to present this work which, in recent years, has received recognition from the sector, critics and the general public, including the Grand Laus Award (The Pleasure Island TA 2016) and the Golden Laus Award (El cant de la cabra TA 2015).This year’s work, filmed at Girona Municipal Theatre, seeks to be a hymn for freedom, calling for the theatre to be a space free of gossipers. It aims to subvert the rules of advertising to present an “anti-advert” which is “free” enough to question itself, the world of culture and its audience, which, in short, constitutes the heart of the Festival. 

Salvador Sunyer Vidal, the director of the piece, declares that, when he considered what the freest form of advertising is, he came to the conclusion that it is criticism of the product advertised and, ultimately, its consumers. 

Therefore, the promotional short film this year is slightly provocative; it does not seek to please everyone but, instead, generate discomfort among the audience. It is upon the basis of this unease that its goal is to involve the Festival spectators and invite them to reflect on the role of culture in general and, more specifically, the performing arts.


The director said ...

At Nanouk we propose a promotional piece with its audience and the world of culture to remind ourselves that any artistic expression has the duty to gaze into the mirror and question itself. If it cannot do so, it does not qualify as such.

The character in the advert does not wear any mask to protect him and, therefore, a certain moral authority is conferred upon him. He fulfils a function of tragic divinity or, simply, a naked actor. To choose him we looked for a real person with a distant vision of the performing arts and their function. Curiously, we found him right next to Salt Theatre. He is a boy who never leaves home but always watches the people going to the theatre through the window. He has now entered the temple to candidly proclaim what he thinks.

The theme of the promotional short film is freedom and, to be free, the first thing we have to do is accept we can give it up. We must be brave and break our chains, even if they are made of gold!

Fire is the main element in this piece. Fire in the sense of an element which liberates and purifies. Only if you burn everything you think you have, and are, will you be free. A theatregoer should match up to the art he or she consumes. It is this mutual relationship which makes the level of each of them go up or down. This is the shared requirement.

In an ideal setting, the theatre is a space for collective reflection where anything goes. I would like to convey this sensation to the piece we are making for its promotion.

Artistic information

Script: Salvador Sunyer i Victor Santacana

Actor: Aleixo Paz Perez

Voice Actor: Lluís Soler

Produced by Nanouk Films


Director: Salvador Sunyer 1st Direction assistant (pre): Àlex Macías 1st Direction assistant (filming): Bea Hernandez Moreno 2nd Direction assistant: Marc Ferrer Domínguez Direction auxiliary: Nil Fortón Pomada

Production: Anna Salgado Balderas Head of production: Núria Andrés Rodríguez Nanouk Films’ produccion: Sandra Olalde Bitò’s produccion: Sarah Agustí and Anna Rodrigo Ajuntament Cultura: Rosa Carles

Photography dorection: Elías M. Félix Camera assistant: Ana Ferrón Vivas Video Assist: Judit Saizar Ardanuy

Gaffer: Xavier González Margalef Maquinista: Jose Miguel Castillo Fernandez and Jose Ramón García Martínez Tècnic Teatre Municipal: Txema

Art direction:  Judit Ferrer Gimeno Graphic design: Francisca Torres

Sound design: Oriol Bonals Liso Sound mix: Martí Albert

VFX Supervisor: Sergi Rejat i Martinez

Fitter: Victor Navarro Diago

Colorist: Lluís Velamazan


Suppliers: Service Vision  (camera), Service Vision (light), Service Vision (machinery), Nasa FX (effects), WRS (walkies), Coser y Cantar (sound), Ricard Hidalgo (production), Galan Rent a Car (vehicles) and CineVent (insurance)


Extras: Antonia Roger, Montserrat Tomeu Manzano, Carme Sabater, Lluïsa Camps Parella, MªRosa Quintana, Martí Guillamet Jou, Carme Sedano Noguera, Mayte Casamitjà, Anna Pulido Sanchez, MªLluisa Alorda Esquinas, Maria Paula Güidi Sassano, Anna Daniel Cases, Glòria Polls González, Zoraida Pico Valderrama, Rosa Martí Poch, Marycielo Giron, Solymar Jaimes, Carme Pintó Curras, Elena Noguer Rubiola, Núria Masaló, Pere Figueras, Francesc Garcia Sagrera, Carme Gros Córdoba, Joan Cervera Morell, Magda Ruiz Exposito, Matilde Campmajo Sansanedas, Adela Cuenca Martínez, Raul Gonzalez Bautija, Ricard Camó Campillo, Joan Luis Prado Bastante, Marina Angelica Saldaña Santivañez, Montse Cordero Rodriguez, Montse Alabert Rius, Amelia González, Maria Gracia Salas Torreblanca, Maria Rosa Sánchez, Antonia Vilaplana Moreno, MªLluisa Riera Ros, Conxi Beser, Núria Ripoll Solé, Carles Borrell, Lluís Torner i Calillo, Magdalena Fiam, Francisca Piló Borrega, Carles Duran Batlle, Miracle Sala Farré and Mª Dolors Rodí

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