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The Festival

Temporada Alta is a festival of performing arts that takes place in the cities of Girona and Salt during October, November and December. Throughout its history, the festival has gained widespread recognition in the industry, among the public and in specialist media. Described as the “best festival in Spain”, it has become a benchmark event that is gaining status alongside the most acclaimed festivals in Europe.

The festival’s focus on staging major acts from the international scene goes hand in hand with its goal to be a springboard for fresh talent. All of this together with the festival line-up, featuring diverse genres for different audiences and an extensive range of parallel activities, has turned Temporada Alta into a must-see event.

El jardí dels cinc arbres | dir. Joan Ollé
Temporada Alta 2009 | Fotografia: David Ruano

The biggest names from European theatre come to Temporada Alta

The Festival has staged productions by highly acclaimed artists such as Jan Fabre, Angélica Liddel, Krystian Lupa, Àlex Rigola, Claudio Tolcachir and Christoph Marthaler, among others.

National awards and recognition

During its extensive history, Temporada alta has received numerous awards, which include the prestigious 2012 Max Award to New Trends. Salvador Sunyer, the festival’s director, also received the Butaca Award and the National Theatre Award .

Obludarium | dir. Petr i Matej Forman
Temporada Alta 2010 | Fotografia: Irena Vodáková


Media descriptions:

“I hope Temporada Alta continues to be - I'll never get tired of saying it - the best festival in Spain..."
Marcos Ordoñez, EL PAÍS (Babelia) 3/11/07

“A first class theatre festival in Europe”
José Carlos Sorribes, EL PERIÓDICO  26/08/07

“... The evolution of the Temporada Alta Festival of Girona and Salt has been like Cinderella turning into a princess”
Justo Barranco, LA VANGUARDIA 3/9/11

“... The country's only cultural event of great importance and impact to take place in the year outside Barcelona”
Dani Chicano, EL PUNT/AVUI 30/9/11



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