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Figures Festival

  • 1992 A festival is born

    The festival is founded by Bitò Produccions, in association with Girona City Council. The line-up -Four Hilarious Shows- is staged at the La Mercè Cultural Centre in Girona. The Theatre Patrons Club is set up.

    Shows 4
    Co-productions 0
    Premiers 0
    4.680 (total)
    74,28 (% ticket sales)
    Venues 1
    Budget 7.700.000 pta
  • 1993 Two premieres, for the first time

    The modest line-up features two premieres, still one of the festival’s main priorities today. Juan Echanove with his production El Cerdo is one of the most emblematic artists of this Temporada Alta edition.

    Shows 6
    Co-productions 0
    Premieres 2
    4.169 (total)
    68 (% ticket sales)
    Venues 1
    Budget 10.500.000 pta
  • 1994 Opening up to the outside world

    Foreign companies are showcased at the festival for the first time. The foundations are laid for Temporada Alta to become an event of international scope (Philippe Genty visits the festival for the first time), not forgetting national productions which include the highly acclaimed In Concert by Sèmola Teatre.

    Shows 8
    Co-productions 0
    Premieres 2
    7.475 (total)
    73,82 (% ticket sales)
    Venues 2
    Budget 16.750.000 pta
  • 1995 Els Joglars choose Temporada Alta to debut Ubú president

    Temporada Alta becomes a benchmark for Girona province. The festival programme features four premieres, including Els Joglars and Sèmola Teatre with the show Híbrid.

    Shows 7
    Co-productions 0
    Premieres 4
    7.112 (total)
    73,82 (% ticket sales)
    Venues 3
    Budget 18.000.000 pta
  • 1996 Increasing spectatorship

    Spectators are double that of the first year and the festival continues consolidating its identity. For the first time, the festival poster is designed by a known artist. Foreign companies continue staging productions (Mauro Gioia Foostsbarn Travelling Theatre), as do some of the most highly acclaimed national companies, like Pep Bou, La Fura dels Baus and Víctor Ullate.

    Shows 18 (+ 4 cine)
    Co-productions 0
    Shows 6
    9.092 (total)
    77,05 (% ticket sales)
    Venues 5 (+ Cinema Truffaut + Street)
    Budget 25.444.172 pta
  • 1997 Salt Theatre, a new festival venue

    Festival venues increase with the opening of Salt Theatre which stages different theatre genres with Marta Carrasco, Jango Edwards and Núria Espert, among others. The festival’s international presence continues to grow, with artists such as Hanna Schygull and Robert Lepage.

    Shows 18 (+cine)
    Co-productions 0
    Premieres 11
    11.773 (total)
    82,59 (% ticket sales)
    Venues 3 (+ Cinema Truffaut)
    Budget 27.896.110 pta
  • 1998 Temporada Alta becomes an international festival

    Despite only receiving funding from the Girona and Salt City Councils, and companies in the Patrons Club, numerous foreign companies premiere and co-produce their works at the festival, including shows by Irina Brook, Misia and Philippe Gaulier.

    Shows 25 (+ cine)
    Coproduccions 0
    Premieres 9
    15.018 (total)
    81,98 (% ticket sales)
    Venues 3 (+ Cinema Truffaut + Carrer)
    Budget 35.669.836 pta
  • 1999 New direction

    The festival reaches maturity. The organisers begin to map out the next stage of the project’s evolution and what its role should be in Catalan and Spanish theatre, without overlooking Europe. Artists such as Rosa Novell, Lluís Homar, Mario Gas, Roger Bernat and Josef Nadj visit the festival, which is gaining in prominence each year.

    Shows 31 (+cine)
    Co-productions 0
    Premiers 9
    20.647 (total)
    84,75 (% ticket sales)
    Venues 3 (+Cinema Albèniz +Street)
    Budget 48.861.450 pta
  • 2000 Peter Brook's debut

    Peter Brook presents Le Costume at Temporada Alta. Spectatorship stabilises and the festival continues to be a springboard for national artists: a driver of creation and innovation. The line-up includes artists such as Dagoll Dagom, Claudio Valdés Curi and Àlex Rigola.

    Shows 37 (+cine)
    Co-productions 0
    Premieres 8
    17.474 (total)
    91,39 (% ticket sales)
    Venues 4 (+ Cinema Truffaut)
    Budget 58.797.233 pta
  • 2001 No municipal theatre, but more multi-disciplinary than ever

    The closure of the Girona Municipal Theatre for building works leaves Temporada Alta short of its most emblematic venue. But, this does not curtail the festival or affect public loyalty. Quite the opposite, in fact, as for the first time the festival produces three of its own shows. A fusion of dance, circus and theatre offers a festival line-up with many own productions, by artists such as Pascal Comelade, Sol Picó, Mal Pelo and Gilles Bouillon.

    Shows 36 (+cine)
    Co-productions 0
    Premieres 12
    18.228 (total)
    90,23 (% ticket sales)
    Venues 4 (+ Cinema Truffaut)
    Budget 65.555.552 pta
  • 2002 Isabelle Huppert steps up festival popularity

    The festival continues with its focus on co-productions, reaching a total of seven in this festival. The Shakespeare Company directed by Declan Donnellan presents King Lear, Joan Ollé Fedr and Cecilia Rosetto Resiste Rossett. The festival is positioned in Europe, helped by the presence of the actress Isabelle Huppert with 4.48 psychose.

    Shows 39 (+ cine)
    Co-productions 4
    Premieres 17
    17.907 (total)
    91,34 (% ticket sales)
    Venues 4 (+Cinema Truffaut)
    Budget 437.981,81 €
  • 2003 In association with the Catalan Government

    After eleven years, Temporada Alta gains the support of the Government of Catalonia. The Catalan government recognises the festival’s role in Catalan theatre as a doorway for international productions into Catalonia, and for its endeavour in the production of shows. This year’s festival delivers a first rate line-up, with Lluís Pasqual, Eduardo ‘Tato’ Pavlosku, Patrice Chéreau, Peter Stein, Peter Brook, Mercè Sampietro and Vicky Peña, among others.

    Shows 42 (+cine)
    Co-productions 8
    Premieres 21
    23.843 (total)
    91,80 (% ticket sales)
    Venues 4 (+Cinema Truffaut)
    Budget 523.762,65 €
  • 2004 Critics' praise for festival

    Temporada Alta delivers a special and interesting festival with shows from Jan Fabre, Thomas Ostermeier, Peter Brook and Johan Simons. Many critics consider the festival to be the best in the country. The Ministry enters into association for the first time with Girona.

    Shows 46 (+ cine)
    Co-productions 6
    Premieres 28
    30.825 (total)
    90,15 (% ticket sales)
    Venues 4 (+ Cinema Truffaut + carrer)
    Budget 626.282,78 €
  • 2005 Catalan Government backs Temporada Alta

    An agreement reached with the Government of Catalonia for four years enables the festival to design a strategy for the future, with the goal of transforming it into a flagship festival for performing arts in October, November and December. Outstanding directors underpin the quality of the festival programme, such as Gelabert-Azzopardi, Andrés Lima, Àlex Rigola, Sergi Lopez and Rafael Spregelburd.

    Shows 66
    Co-productions 20
    Premiers 39
    26.352 (total)
    90,13 (% ticket sales)
    Venues 5 (+ Cinema Truffaut)
    Budget 952.362,83 €
  • 2006 Temporada Alta, Autumn Festival of Catalonia

    Temporada Alta officially becomes the Autumn Festival of Catalonia, featuring major names such as Andrés Lima, Sergi Lopez and Rafael Spregelburd. The revamped Municipal Theatre of Girona opens with La nit just abans dels boscos by Àlex Rigola with an outstanding cast, that includes Josep Maria Pou, Pere Arquillué, Francesc Orella, Andreu Benito, Jordi Bosch and Lluís Homar

    Shows 68
    Co-productions 21
    Premieres 42
    32.425 (total)
    91,65 (% ticket sales)
    Venues 8 (+ Cinema Truffaut)
    Budget 1.427.239,45 €
  • 2007 EL CANAL debuts first shows

    El CANAL, Centre d’Arts Escèniques de Salt/Girona debuts its first shows. From hereon, EL CANAL and Temporada Alta work intensively in two areas: producing shows of Catalan authorship and producing international co-productions. Martin Wuttke, Sergi Belbel, Dario Fo, Peter Brook, Claudio Tolcachir, Daniel Veronese, Paolo Conte, Benjamín Biolay, Jérôme Deschamps and Macha are some of the big names to feature in this festival.

    Shows 69 (+ cine)
    Co-productions 26
    Premieres 47
    33.590 (total)
    91,83 (% ticket sales)
    Venues 11 (+ cine + Plaça del Vi)
    Budget 1.730.308,77 €
  • 2008 Huge success among the public

    This Temporada Alta records the highest ever spectatorship and ticket sales. It takes the tentative step of beginning to co-produce shows with festivals and theatres abroad, such as La marea by Claudio Tolcahir and La Pesca by Ricardo Bartís. The festival continues staging and producing Catalan theatre: Pau Miró, Jordi Prat i Coll, Rosa Maria Sardà and Àlex Rigola, among others.

    Shows 67 (+9 cine)
    Co-production 18
    Premieres 44
    44.035 (total)
    91,99 (% ticket sales)
    Venues 12 (+ Cinema)
    Budget 2.255.902,56 €
  • 2009 Temporada Alta, a European festival

    The media and critics consider the festival as one of the best, both for the rise in spectators compared with the previous year (6,230) and the quality of shows staged and premiered at the festival. The European Union supports Temporada Alta through Interreg IV programme funding.
    Outstanding artists: William Kentridge, Declan Donnellan, Peter Brook, Daniel Veronese, Claudio Tolcachir, Sidi Larbi, Maria Pagés, Krystian Lupa, The Watermill Theatre, Slava Polunin, Ute Lemper and Christoph Marthaler.

    Shows 74 (+cine)
    Co-production 28
    Premieres 47 (+1 cinema)
    44.962 (total)
    90,66 (% ticket sales)
    Venues 12 (+ cinema + street)
    Budget 2.628.648,84 €
  • 2010 Festival consolidation

    At this festival, 71 productions sell out completely, prompting the festival to increase its shows from 112 to 127. Theatre of Catalan authorship is promoted with eighteen co-productions, of which seven are premieres.

    Outstanding artists: Alain Platel and Frank Van Laecke, Kristian Lupa, Jan Fabre, Claudio Tolcachir, Guy Cassiers, Edward Hall, Wajdi Mouawad, Peter Forman, The Tiger Lillies, Carles Santos, Joan Ollé, Albert Pla i Pascal Comelade, Lluís Pasqual and Michael Pennington.

    Shows 76 (+ cine)
    Co-productions 21
    Premieres 43
    52.808 (total)
    90,37 (% ticket sales)
    Venues 12 (+ cinema)
    Budget 2.835.749,01 €
  • 2011 Temporada Alta celebrates 20th anniversary

    Temporada Alta reaches new heights, in both the quality of its line-up and the quantity of shows staged as a result of the many productions premiered at the festival. The total spectatorship increases considerably, as do ticket sales. This festival sees the exploration of new areas which could mark the future of the festival in association with EL CANAL, and the creation of the Catalan Playwriting Tournament.
    Outstanding artists: Daniel Veronese, Mario Gas, Pau Miró, Krystan Lupa, Marta Carrasco, Cristopher Marthaler, Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Jordi Galceran, Jordi Casanovas and Carles Santos, Ricardo Bartís, Propeller, Lev Dodin and Les 7 doigts de la main, among others.

    Shows 89 (+ cine)
    Co-productions 31
    Premieres 56
    68.635 (total)
    93,33 (% ticket sales)
    Venues 13 (+ cinema)
    Budget 3.026.306,29 €
  • 2012 Temporada Alta

    This edition of the Temporada Alta Festival was the first which has had to redesign itself to become the festival of the future. We started off with a budget that was 30% lower than the previous year, a fact which has shaped the programme. The number of shows was reduced (by 30%), as well as the number of performances, in order to focus more on what we believe to be the key principals of the future: placing more emphasis on contemporary creation, significantly enhancing international relations, supporting Catalan artists and working more intensively with other Catalan agents.

    Featured artists: Blaï Mateu, Angelica Liddell, La Zaranda, Sol Picó, Zimmerman & Perrot, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, William Forsythe and Fabrice Murgia.

    Shows 80 (+cine)
    Co-productions 21
    Premieres 43
    47.081 (total)
    90,02 (% occupation)
    Venues 13 (+ Cinema)
    Budget 2.025.453,62 €
  • 2013 continued on the path towards internationalisation 

    the Festival continued along the path set out the previous year, with even a slight increase in the number of performances being programmed. Last year's edition attracted the highest attendance in the Festival’s history so far. Internationalisation became a focus two years ago now, and this event represented another step forward in this respect with the inclusion of mini projects run within the festival itself: Contemporary Creation Week, #FF80 dance series, Film Season and Latin American Connection. All this, together with the desire for Temporada Alta to remain a festival representative of a country and, above all, a benchmark, in addition to the natural place to nurture the relationship between Catalan and international performing arts.

    Featured Artists: Marta Carrasco, Albert Serra, Pequeño teatro de la morondanga, Oskaras Korsunovas, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Guy Cassiers, Mariano Pensotti, Thomas Ostermeier, Àlex Rigola, Propeller Theatre Company...

    Shows 87 (+cine)
    Co-productions 21
    Premieres 37 (+1 cinema)
    60.203 (total)
    93,41 (% occupation)
    Venues 15 (+2 cine)
    Budget 2.261.523,16 €


  • 2014, one of the strongest and well-balanced editions

    The twenty-third edition of Temporada Alta, was possibly one of the strongest and well-balanced editions with truly international leading names in the programme (Brett Bailey, Peter Brook, Alain Platel...) combined with a strong commitment to home-grown talent. Even thought the cultural world continues to be in the midst of a difficult economic situation, the Festival has benn working towards internationalisation by creating increasingly close networks with the international scene so that new generations of artists from our country can continue working with those from other countries and, at the same time, that their works are seen outside Catalonia.

    Shows 89 (+ cine)
    Coproduccions 28
    Premieres 44 (+ 3 cine)
    53.961 (total)
    94.12 (% occupation)
    Venues 20 (+ cine)
    Budget 2.817.136,03 €
  • 2015, the largest in terms of the number of shows, performances and audiences

  • Of all the editions of the festival, the twenty-fourth will be remembered for having ended with a record number of shows, performances and audience members. It was also the best year so far for the interest and quality of some of the international performances presented and for the good attendance at productions. 2015 was also the edition in which the programming linked most closely with the citizenry with shows like La cerimònia del foc by the Carabosse company, PleaseContinue (Hamlet) by Roger-Bernard and Made in Girona: PoliticalMother by HofeshShechter, among others. Without forgetting the important commitment and involvement of the festival with the people of Girona.

    Shows 108 (cine included)
    Coproduccions 22
    Premieres 42 (+4 cine)
    78.922 (total)
    91.80 (% occupation)
    Venues 22 (cine + street)
    Budget 3.128.318,51€

2016, the Festival celebrates 25 years

The most remarcable results of Temporada Alta twenty-fifth edition have been: the paper of the Festival in the internationalisation of our scene, its strengthen to the diverse social groups and spaces of our cities (schools, social entities, institutes, associations...), a greater diversification of the citizens that have assisted, the quality of the shows premièred and the impulse than Temporada Alta  gives to the Catalan scene. 

Featured Artists: Krystian Lupa, Thomas Ostermeier, Peter Brook, Guy Cassiers, Milo Rau, Nicolas Stemann, Rocío Molina, Mauricio Kartun, Xavier Bobés, Jomi Oligor, Shaday Larios, Lluís Pasqual, Àlex Rigola... 

Shows 99
Coproduccions 28
Premieres 33
47.728 (total)
96,31 (% occupation)
Venues 28
Budget 3.220.726,41 €




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