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Stage director #1

Baro d’Evel 

This French-Catalan company blends circus and dance and conceives each project as a sound and physical score, like a painting, an immersion.... a push towards the boundary between intimacy and the heroic deed. Their languages are movement, acrobatics, through their dedication to the body and daily training.

The starting point for their shows is often a stage design that questions the role of the audience in the space. Horses form part of the life and work of this company. A method that awakens instinct, a sense of improvisation, and pushes the artists and the audience towards the ‘here and now’.

Baro d’Evel has won international acclaim with numerous awards, such as the National Circus Prize of Catalonia. The company, which is based in Lavelanet-de-Comminges, receives support from the Midi-Pyrénées Regional Department of Culture and the Midi-Pyrénées Regional Council. They regularly collaborate with Temporada Alta, co-producing various shows Regional de Cultura de Midi-Pyrénées i del Consell Regional Midi-Pyrénées.

“We chose them to start with because I really loved Le sort du dedans, because they fit with our essence, with where we come from, our relationship with animals, the child’s world... The challenge is to condense the whole staging of this play into a film which lasts 20 minutes.”


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